Idaho Slip and Fall Personal Injury Lawyers

Boise Slip and Fall Lawyers

foot in soft cast with crutchesA slip and fall accident can be a traumatic experience and cause serious injuries. The experienced Idaho accident and injury attorneys at Montgomery Law can handle your claim and help you get the money you deserve. The National Safety Council reported that falls are the number one cause of injury in adults 65 years and older. If you or your family member has been injured in a slip and fall accident, we understand it may be a painful and scary time, but we are here to help.


Don’t back down from the property owner or manager. Your accident may have occurred because of the negligence of that person and his or her failure to maintain a safe environment. We will not hesitate to stand up to the big insurance companies to ensure you get the payment you deserve.


Slip and fall accidents are covered by premises liability law, which include several kinds of accidents, like:

  • Slip and fall accidents caused by slippery floors, standing water, ice, or snow
  • Trip and falls caused by uneven or damaged walkways, slippery stairs, or poor maintenance
  • A preventable assault by a third party due to inadequate security, including lights and surveillance
  • Construction site injuries, especially involving non-workers
  • Drowning accidents in pools
  • Unsecured objects falling from shelves at a store

If you have been injured in an accident like this, you need the help of an Idaho premises liability attorney. Contact us now by filling out your free online contact request form.